First times don’t last long, do they?

Hey guys!

It’s me, Mistah NerF, and it’s my absolute first time to be using a blog.  It’s pretty great trying out new things, and I have to say I could get the hang of this pretty well (until the next time I find another distraction to keep me preoccupied that is).

Exaggerating a bit, I guess…


Now that I’ve managed to get the basics down pat, you just might be wondering what in the blue hell am I doing here.  Well, I realize that Twitter and Facebook are social media platforms which allow me to connect with friends and followers on a more personal level with my music and whatever else I can post.  Yet, this is also a means for me to express myself on various things.  Besides, don’t you just find it annoying to read long-ass Facebook posts, especially since several-word essays on politics, emotions, daily ongoings and all of that stuff don’t seem suitable for such formats?  At least I’d be able to draw out my thoughts even further, hopefully reaching that point which I have been trying to make by the end of each entry on here (LOL, yes I realize I ramble quite often).

what some of you may be thinking at this very moment…


With that out of the way, I hope you guys enjoy what I have to say about certain things.  Perhaps I could even come up with some reviews on tracks that have managed to capture my interest and share my thoughts regarding them, feature a few of my fellow producers on here or even just do a regular posting of stuff that amuse & entertain me.  Either way, the sky’s the limit, as the old saying goes, and who knows what’ll happen here. Until then, peace out Nerfytes!


Do visit me on Soundcloud from time to time for updates on my latest releases. ^_^


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