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Quit the Hatin’, People

As of the past few days, a thought had dawned on me.  Before that, though, let me tell you a few things about myself…

  1.  I am a simple guy, living in the Philippines.  I take pleasure in knowing people are sharing the good vibes with one another.  
  2. I am the eternal pacifist who likes to see opposing sides come to an understanding, with or without me involved.  #GoodGuy, as someone very dear to me would like to put it.
  3. I don’t like to get into fights, and as much as I feel that some people deserve a wake-up punch in the face for some antics they pull off, I’d rather talk it out and speak my mind.
  4. I also like to share my music to people who would appreciate it, knowing fully well that I pour my heart, soul, tears and sweat into every single track that I make, because I am most passionate about the craft of producing.

I also appreciate the fact that there ARE people out there who go out of their way, taking some time to check out what I have to offer, liking my music, sharing it with their friends and helping me gain a fan base, especially in a country wherein Electronic Dance Music is continually on the rise.  I’m not just talking about typical 128-BPM progressive house music that is quite abundant in clubs (though I do make my fair share of such style of tracks).  Heck, for every Negros Love Dance Festival, there are many more ravers getting educated on the diversity of EDM, and what other genres they have yet to experience, genres that I am truly passionate about.

Deep House, Progressive House, Electro, Trap, Dubstep, Moombahcore… You name it, #NLDF2014 brought it.

Yet, despite all my simplistic ways, good intentions and hopeful dreams, it  cannot be denied that the DJ and music industry is rife with politics, power plays and people trying to screw each other up the ass without consent.  There’s just too much dirty laundry going on.

Just a week ago, I’ve  been receiving HATE comments simply because I featured a DJ/Producer duo that has been getting on the bad side of the industry for a while now, but I just laughed it off.  I would admit that they are my friends, but I don’t see anyone as enemies either. ANYONE.  I’d be the first to admit that if I felt somebody I knew needed either a literal or figurative kick to the balls, I would not hesitate to give that out of tough love, enhanced clarity of mind and some necessary awakenings or realizations.

Beliiiiieee dat shit…

Now, I recognize that I have a few friends that are quite outspoken about certain things (as I myself am at certain times), and I’m not just talking about my side of the camp here.  It always helps to maintain an objective point of view on things, and to see things from different angles, and in each of those angles, there’s always someone starting a fire.  Therefore, it may not be my responsibility, but if no one is gonna douse the flames that have been rising constantly over the past few months, I might as well take up that mantle.

Naive, I am not.  It’s pretty obvious that egos get in the way of things, and the next thing you know, people stomp over one another.  A voice speaks out, others follow suit, and sometimes it is not for the better.  For the most part, it’s all just blind hatred and a lack of common sense, mainly because somebody in authority said it first and you feel obligated to speak on their behalf instead of against, considering we all have free will PLUS a concept of right and wrong.

Yet, we all process things differently, and it will always be difficult to make others see a more rational and level point of view because feelings on certain matters are way too strong to be dissuaded or reduced to the point of near non-existence.  That, however, does not mean such an occurrence is unfathomable.

The whole point of this post is that there has just been too much hatin’ going on lately, and for a community  that is supposed to be united by a love and passion for electronic dance music, we sure do end up making a mockery of #PLUR.  I absolutely do not care whether one is a veteran of the game, or someone who is still new in the industry — we are all fair game if we go out of line, no matter how minor of an incident it may be.  We can always filter out the negativity and hope that the fires die down on their own, but don’t you think it’s time that we’ve all tried to see things eye-to-eye in some form or fashion?  Attitudes do go a long way in making an impression.  I believe that.  However, if you don’t like each other, at least respect one another for their respective crafts.  If you got a problem with someone, take it up with them personally instead of making a big scene all over social networks for all to see just so you can have others siding with you.  If things work out, give yourself a chance to get to know the person instead of making initial judgments.

What I’m getting at is — Quit the hating, people.  Don’t be snitches and bitches.  

‘Nuff said.

Stop comparing dicks and arguing who’s got the biggest proverbial cock in the business, because we are all just part of the same community.  Why anyone would ever want to lose several brain cells trying to feed trolls, initiate turf wars or enlarge their egos by saying they’re better in one way or another is beyond me, to be honest.  Just go about your business, do your thing and let fate decide on things.    The words PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and RESPECT have already worn out their welcome by several decades because of constant misuse, but it sure would be nice if all of us gave some actual meaning to them.