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Taking you on an emotional rollercoaster, EDM style

A few weeks ago, I had created an LP that contains a lot of emotional resonance in it simply because I’m an emo kind of motherf**ker who is so damned in touch with his feelings (for better or for worse).  I had sent it to EDM Philippines‘ Raven Mendoza for a proper review before releasing it for public listening and downloading on the 18th of July 2014 without even knowing what she thought of it (trust me when I say that I had continuously asked her how she felt about the entire release and no response was given, instead getting the ‘you’ll see when I’m done with it’ reply).  Now that she had finished the review, here is what she thinks of the LP…

and heeeere weeeee… Go.

 “Following the success of his first album under Beats4DJs Records, Dimas John Ong AKA Mistah Nerf is now at it again with his new LP entitled Basslines and Heartbreaks set to be released on the 18th. Listening to it the first time, you would know that Nerf is no beginner in music production.

Bass junkies would surely love the songs “Tru Rasta”, “Higher”, “Awake” and “In Lust, In Love”. But bass is not just what’s present in the EP, you could chill out with “AngelFace”, taking great samples from Fra Lippo Lippi’s “Angel”. The Ragga Twins, known best for their collaborations with Skrillex on “Ragga Bomb” and “All is Fair in Love and Brostep,” had also made an appearance in the album with the track “Tru Rasta”.

One of my favorites is “In Lust, In Love” because of its simple vocals courtesy of Fatima. I love the combination of sweet and romantic vibe cueing heavy bass drops and powerful drum beats. Another one on my list is “Higher” Feat. K Chan. It goes to show you that vocals can have a great impact to music. Not only did K Chan display exceptional talent but she also went a little further by rapping several lyrics of the song which I found extraordinary and unique.

The Verdict

8.5 / 10. Nerf did a great job of pumping us up with melodic tunes and rough bass with “Basslines and Heartbreaks”. We never fall short of the things that we always look for in these kind of songs. The thing is, we hear so much of these heavy bass drops that we fail to find the uniqueness in it. On a more critical perspective, I would say that the tracks were a little bit “typical” but I am not saying that they are inadequately produced. Believe me, the song is expertly done; clean and are on the right levels. It went to the proper mastering process which came out beautifully.

Hats off to Mistah Nerf for showing us his talent in music production instead of insulting people on the group (EDM Philippines DJs & Producers). Given the exclusive release on soundcloud, I had the opportunity to listen to the EP in its entirety. I highly recommend you to give “Basslines and Heartbreaks” a listen. For producers, it gives you more inspiration to strive harder and perfect your skills and for EDM lovers, synths and bass will certainly put you on a state of nirvana.

Getting Personal

A conversation with Nerf through Facebook revealed that he derived inspiration for the entire LP from a girl he met when he went to Bulabod Festival in Puerto Galera last May.


When listening to the underlying tones of majority of the tracks, you could tell that he fell and fell HARD. Whoever you may be, we do hope you give this album a listen.

The EP will be available on July 18, Friday. You can fully download it on soundcloud; feel free to follow, like and comment. To keep you updated with what’s happening in the EDM scene of the Philippines, you can also like the facebook fan page EDM Philippines or join our group.”


Raven Mendoza
EDM Philippines


If you’d like a taste of the LP, here is a tease until the 18th of July arrives… Wait, that’s today! HERE YOU GO THEN, PEOPLE!