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Some of you have been waiting around for this, while others don’t know what the hell’s going on.  Either way, here’s something to unload for the weekend, especially if you’ve had a relationship problem, a failed courtship, are emotionally frustrated or just want to have a cathartic bass-filled experience.

You better be!!!

Yes, Mistah NerF has just released his latest LP, “Basslines And Heartbreaks”  under EDM Philippines and Kurai.  It is now available on Soundcloud, and you can now grab a copy of each of the 8 tracks for free!  Big thanks to the huge support by Curse & Bless:


… As well as support from Kidwolf, The Mashup Radio and the Ragga Twins themselves!

Triple whoa…

Check out the link provided below for what has been an emotionally-invested producing experience for this guy, comment and show support to local producers in the Philippines!