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Roald Velden tugs away at your heartstrings like a boss

Ah, love, that ever-powerful force that knows no bounds and is often the subject matter of various forms of media.  That even includes smart ass responses from 5th graders.

Told you...
Told you…

If there was a song that managed to capture that specific emotion effectively, it would be Roald Velden’s “Complicated.”  The song itself samples a few lines from The Legend of the Seeker series, and manages to hit the perfect note with what this song is all about.  I mean, every now and then we encounter a totally romantic situation wherein we just tend to complicate matters even further, right?  Sometimes, it’s as simple as saying what you really feel instead of hiding behind several layers of nonchalant stoicism or stone faced blandness…

You get what I mean?

 Nonetheless, this track captures that feeling perfectly.  It is filled with vivid emotion which almost seems as if Roald could not contain himself any longer and just let out those feelings which have been hidden away for a long time, because he never had a chance to.  “Complicated” is a track about emotional honesty and avoiding regret as long as you still have the opportunity to express what you really feel.  Who knows how many nights I’ve spent listening to this track feeling downbeat and uplifted at the same time.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

You can check out more of Roald Velden over at his official website.